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Two days of powerful talks with powerful people

The World Motorsport Symposium, first established in 2005, is a unique event and has become the annual international motorsport cabinet meeting that leads the conversation in motorsport and automotive technology. Chaired by Ulrich Baretzky, Engine Development Director of Audi Sport and Pat Symonds, Chief Technical Officer at Formula 1, the most senior international motorsport and automotive engineering decision makers get together with OEMs and suppliers, teams, buyers, governing bodies and engineering students for two days to discuss how emerging technologies will shape the future of the sport as well as impact other sectors across the globe. 


Due to the Chatham House rule that is strictly enforced, senior executives are free to discuss new ideas and form regulations for the future, make announcements and share highly confidential information. By listening to key presentations by leading industry experts and taking advantage of full audience participation, attendees are given a head start in the emerging markets in this fast paced field whilst benefitting from exchanging knowledge with peers in a completely open forum. The concept of the electric single seater racing series was first muted at the symposium that has since become the extremely successful Formula E  as was the Global Race Engine concept.


There are over two hours of networking time between the symposium sessions which also  provides a perfect opportunity for exhibitors to showcase their latest technology and services. The Networking Awards Dinner follows at the end of the first day where our team meticulously plan the event and also the table plans to ensure that all guests experiences are optimised and that business connections are made. A networking opportunity like no other has also meant that this Symposium has gained a reputation as the 'Davos of Motorsport Engineering and technology'.


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Pascal Vasselon

Technical Director,

Toyota Motorsport GmbH

"Another great opportunity to collect information and opinions from the most knowledgeable and influential people who can shape the future of modern Motorsport. Many thanks to RACE TECH for this annual forum which is becoming a 'must'."



Chief Technical Officer

Motorsports Division


"The WMS presents a rare opportunity for like-minded engineers to discuss areas of the sport that they may not be so familiar with thereby expanding each other's knowledge for mutual benefit. It is also an excellent networking opportunity."



Business Development Manager, AVL 

"After attending the RACE TECH World Motorsport Symposium for the first time it became clear very quickly why the list of attendees was such of such high quality. The presentations in regards to the future of the sport, and the engaging panel discussions under Chatham House rule, lead to valuable information that I can takeaway and apply to our own strategy. In addition, it was a powerful networking event and the awards dinner was the highlight. I'll be back for more!"



Director, Evolution Measurement

"WMS18 was well organised and delivered on all fronts, papers and discussions and the general timetable were all well managed and kept on time with some lively discussions in between that will help shape developments in motorsport going forwards. The Chairmen, Ulrich Baretzky and John Iley did a great job of promoting some very intelligent conversation in the panel events. The exhibition area was well organised and there was plenty of time to talk with industry colleagues and prospective clients on a variety of topics. 

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