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The Theme

Sustainable Motorsport 2030 - From Race to Road

It could well be that the next World Motorsport Symposium that takes place on 1 and 2 December at The Swiss Embassy in in London is the most important one for the last 10 years, if not before that. We will be discussing essential topics such Sustainable Fuels, Electronic Technology, Future Materials and Carbon Neutral Events. 

With Chairman Ulrich Batertzky and Pat Symonds at the helm and this event coming on the aftermath of a Global Pandemic, it could well be the most influential yet in terms of ideas and solutions being generated. We live in highly exciting but at the same time uncertain days. Motorsport is not necessarily under threat – yet – but before it is, it’s our duty to future generations to ensure that we pass things on in a way that is most beneficial to the sport itself as well as to the world at large.

The idea behind the World Motorsport Symposium is to get everyone to think about the future, unfettered by meeting in formal Technical Working Groups where team and manufacturer interests need to be protected by those involved. This is an open forum, working under Chatham House rules so that presentations and discussions can be open as they will not be shared outside the four walls. As the past has proved, ideas generated there often lead to implementation at a later date. Lord Drayson, for example, first talked about creating an all-electric single-seater racing series located in city centres……The global engine concept, presented by Audi Sport’s Ulrich Baretzky, was first put forward at the World Motorsport Symposium over 10 years ago, an idea that has been resurrected by former FIA president Jean Todt. There are many more such ideas that have since been adopted that can trace their roots back to the Symposium.

Come and be part of the discussions. Come and be part of shaping the future.

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